Standardize quality management system, healthy and sustainable development.

2019-04-10 13:50:34 197

With the rising of the sensor sanitary ware industry, we are always seeking new breakthroughs and new development directions, and the differentiation between enterprises is becoming more and more obvious. Many companies are actively occupying market share while noticing the management flaws inherent in the company? The cooperation and tacit understanding of each department at the same time as the high-speed operation of the enterprise also deeply affects the development of the enterprise. In order to find a more suitable management model, GIBO has fully introduced the ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

Adopting a quality management system is a strategic decision of GIBO.  GIBO hopes to meet customer development requirements and enhance customer satisfaction by establishing and implementing a quality management system and improving its effectiveness.

The operation of a company is like a clock running. Every part must be matched precisely so that the clock can be made without any mistakes. Each of our employees is like those parts, if there are flaws between the parts, or Unreasonable regulation of parts must affect the operation and accuracy of the watch. In the process of development, GIBO has more or less unsatisfactory places. The cooperation between each employee does not necessarily reach the perfect match. The company's effective resources are not fully utilized. It is precisely because there are still areas for improvement. In this reform, we will organize appropriate communication to ensure the effectiveness of the quality management system.

In order to better carry out the implementation of the quality management system, GIBO also invited Mr. Chen to explain and sort out the analysis for us. During the discussion, we found problems in our work and management deficiencies, and then systematically proposed these shortcomings. A concrete and feasible solution.

A good system is like a human skeleton, and each supervisor is like every organ that sustains life, and our employees are like flesh and blood. These are all necessary to maintain normal human survival. If one party has problems, then we will not be able to Normal growth. It is precisely because of this that in this highly competitive society we cannot let a sick company compete with others, we must face the challenge in the best condition. When we find that our body has problems, we must have strict treatment. If there are deficiencies within the company, we must clean up and adjust. Face competition and challenges with a healthy look.

After the introduction and guidance of the teacher, I also found out what is lacking between us. We will also strictly implement and treat them in detail. Reducing staff redundancy increases work efficiency and reduces production costs in disguise.

GIBO hopes to effectively remove the management loopholes and standardize the management system by introducing the ISO9001:2015 quality management system, so that the company can continue to develop healthily.