Warranty rules


All our products are produced under ISO9001 international quality system standards.We guarantee that the products and accessories can give full play to their superior performance under normal use and maintenance.At the same time, we will provide users with one year free warranty, five years of quality assurance and lifelong maintenance services(battery is not included).

1. We have a wide range of quality assurance for our end users.The product is proved to be under the premise of normal installation and use,the warranty period will be one year.

2. If the product you buy is out of one year warranty period ,but its in the 5 year warranty period,we will undertake to repair it,However a certain accessories cost charges will be levied as appropriate.If the product is out of 5 year quality warranty,will take paid warranty,but a certain accessories cost and service charges will be levied as appropriate.

3. Product warranty or assurance is only for the performance and function of the products or accessories,The appearance of the products or accessories involved and others are not included in the warranty scope.

4. Please keep the warranty card properly, and you can enjoy the warranty service only when you present the warranty card, invoice or valid purchase certificate.

5. The following situations are not covered by the warranty or assurance:

1) There is no sales label on the product or the date indicated on the sales label has been out of warranty or assurance period.

2) Quality problems caused by improper installation, replacement, repair, or similar actions.

3) Quality problems caused by misuse, abuse, negligence and use other companys accessories.

4) Replace the battery, clean the filter, adjust the distance and other simple maintenance.

5) Damage caused by a natural disaster beyond human control.

6) We have the right of final interpretation for the above matters