Double Sensor Kitchen Faucet+ Double Sensor Control Box

2019-03-06 16:22:02 417


•Sensor located on the arch: It's wave-on sensor. Hands wave once,water flows while hands wave again water stops. Security stops 3min.

•Sensor located on the right front of the faucet body: It's automatic sensor. Hands in sensor range, water flows while hands out of sensor range, water stops. Security stops 1 min.


• Two independent flow channels design to make sure the kitchen faucet can be turned on/off with manual handle even though it is under the condition of power failure or electronic malfunction. You will enjoy the convenience and comfort of the wave-on sensor.


• Pull-out kitchen faucets, single cold water faucets, backflow mixer faucets.

Application Example

GIBO Sensor Faucet

Spare Parts

GIBO Sensor Faucet