Ceramic Sensor Urinal Kits

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•AC & DC auto switch

•Remote controlled sensor with electricity protective function data will not be lost if power failure.

•Low power consumption less than 30uA.

•Anti-reversed connection DC waterproof connectors with waterproof rate IP65.

•DC6V pulse solenoid valve with life time ≥ 500,000 circles. 304 stainless steel plate or full-brass with chroming plate,

•which pass 24 hours salt and spray test.

Technical Parameters

•Power supply:DC6V/AC220V 50Hz

 Standby power:≤30uA 

 Water pressure:0.05~0.7Mpa

 Sensor distance:60±5cm

 Life time:500,000 circles

 Inlet and outlet size:DN15(G1/2")

 Working temperature:0~55°

Application Example

GIBO Sensor Faucet

Spare Parts

GIBO Sensor Faucet