Touch Kitchen Faucet+ Easy Assembly Control Box

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•Touch faucet body, water flows while touch faucet body again water stops. Security stops 3min. Touch place: Any part of the faucet body except for the manual handle and spray.


•Manual handle must be in turned-on state and the solenoid valve is to control turn-on/turn-off. You just need to turn on the manual knob of the control box and manually use the faucet if it is under the condition of power failure or electronic malfunction.

•Easy for installation. There's no need to fix the control box onto the wall. You just fix the water-in hose and water-out hose onto the control box and the faucet is ready to use.


•Pull-out kitchen faucets, single cold water faucets, backflow mixer faucets

Application Example

GIBO Sensor Faucet

The kitchen faucet keeps clean and hygiene even though hands with dirt. Freely turn on the kitchen faucet with your forearm or wrist to avoid cross-infection.

Spare Parts

GIBO Sensor Faucet