Groove Type Urinal/WC Flush System Solution

2019-03-01 11:44:38 132


•This urinal/WC flush system is designed according to public groove-type toilets. It’s hi-tech water-saving product based on infrared sensor technology.

•Users in, system will be automatically activated while nobody in,system is automatically turned off. The system has precise control.

•Adjustable water-injection time and flush-delay time.This system can be used in swimming pool shower system.


•Save up to 70% water

•Integrated design with humanization setting;stable performance; economic and durable in use.It’s easy for reconstruction projects.


•Groove type urinal flush system without water tank

•Groove type urinal flush system with water tank

•Groove type WC flush system with water tank

Spare Parts

GIBO Sensor Faucet

Application Example

GIBO Sensor Faucet